A Teacher and a Student

It’s very nice for me to teach the martial arts that I have bean learning over the years, when I teach I do my absolutely best to give my students what the need, I do not holding things back to my students because of the thing that maybe the are getting better then me…this motivates my own training, to train harder and better.

My ultimate goal for my students is that I want them to be better than me, I want the next generation to be better and not the opposite. As a teacher we have build a strong foundation for the next, we have to raise the bar.  (of course I do not make it easy for them to be better then me, but you get the point hopefully)

A big thank you to my students (and parents) for always come to class to train and get better and always supports and believing in me as a teacher and a person. Thanks!

‘’When the Teacher is Ready the Student Will Appear’’ – Tom Callos

And beside the teaching I love to be a student, a martial arts student and a student of life. I enjoy the process of learning every day. I see I make mistakes , wrong thinking, wrong doing, but I’m commit to grow as a student a human being.

as a student I want to thank my Martial arts teachers Sifu Benno Westra and Sifu Pele Nguyen for the knowledge and inspirations the give me. And for my new art that I’m learning –Brazillian Ju Jitsu- I also want to thank Henk Heneweer for helping me with this. Thank you and I love to be your student! (Note: I love to be a white belt again in BJJ!, and the PS in this post is to You;-))

And of course a big thank you to my girlfriend Irene (and Yara!) to believe in me and always support me in the things I do. I love you and I will be there fore you! My family is always on the first place!

Thank you to be in my life / journey.


—- Deze blog is een onderdeel van mijnTEST en een onderdeel van Vechtkunst en Leiderschaps Academy in Almere / Lelystad, Flevoland.

Ben je toe aan een uitdaging? Doe je met ons mee? Zie: De Ultieme Test

2 gedachtes over “A Teacher and a Student

  1. Ilya Cohen

    Hoi Youri,

    En wat geef je altijd heerlijk enthousiast les, leuk om naar te kijken… en Jacquin vind het ook heerlijk om te doen @ Jing Wu Kids. 😉

    Groetjes, Ilya

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